We want the transformation of Colombia into an inclusive society

Seeking to improve pople's quality of life
through our contribution


About us

We are a foundation for business development, comitted to enhancing the promotion of family, community, micro and small businesses that  facilitate the economic and social development of different communities and, in general, the growth of our country.

With our contribution, we seek to improve the quality of life of people, through supporting productive processes that generate economic income for their livelihood, under conditions of sustainable development, both environmentally, socially and corporately.

We want the transformation of Colombia into an inclusive society, supporting projects without distinctions of age, sex, race, sexual orientation, religion, or any other aspect.

Transparency and Anti-Corruption

At the HOUDING Foundation we believe that it is essential that all people, companies and organizations that support us with their donations know how we use their aid and the impact they have generated, through our transparency and accountability mechanisms.


The HOUDING Foundation, a non-profit organization, created by the partners of the company HOUDING SAS, on June 15, 2023, in Bogotá, with national and international scope.


The HOUDING Foundation's main mission is to contribute to social well-being and sustainable development, focusing on key areas such as education, support for vulnerable communities and business support. We seek to empower people to overcome the barriers that limit their progress and, through our initiatives, build a brighter future for all.

Our values

Respect for the people

and the rules of healthy coexistence.

Solidarity, among all

we can achieve great things.

Passion, we want what we do

and we support the ideas of Colombian communities.

Coherence, being congruent

with what we think, say and do.

Several people thank us

  • The Houding Foundation is a fundamental pillar for the economic development of our community, by supporting productive projects that generate employment and promote sustainable growth.
  • I am impressed by the Houding Foundation's commitment to promoting productive projects that not only benefit local entrepreneurs, but also contribute to the economic development of the region.
  • The concert sponsored by the Houding Foundation not only delighted attendees with music, but also demonstrated a commitment to the cultural enrichment of the community. It deserves praise for its continued support of cultural events that enrich our community.
  • The generous delivery of gifts to a nursing home and its collaborators was a moving gesture that illuminated the hearts of all those present. This act not only brought joy to the residents of the house, but also recognized the work of the collaborators who take care of them every day.

Carrera 67 # 43-33,
Barrio Salitre El Greco
Bogotá, Colombia.